Meal Program

Fund MealThe daily meal program provides each of our Center – A Family of Families member with three balanced meals per day, six days per week, 52 weeks per year. Annually, the Center serves roughly 436,000 breakfasts, 499,000 lunches and 405,000 dinners. Help fund nutritious meals for our family members.

Meals consist of a traditional Ecuadorian menu including many fresh fruits and vegetables grown on farms in the region. Center members volunteer their services to prepare and serve all the meals. Members start their day with a hearty breakfast. Lunch, the main meal of the day, includes homemade soup and a main plate typically consisting of rice, meat and vegetables. Evening meals include bread, soup and fruit.



Full or partial funding opportunities include:

$288,000 – sponsorship provides one year’s worth of meals for 2,000 Center members

  •     Monthly cost = $19,000 / month (approx.)
  •     Weekly cost = $4,750 / week (approx.)
  •     Daily cost = $790 / day (approx.)

$124 – sponsorship provides approximately one year’s worth of meals to one Center member.

For more information on sponsoring the daily meal program at the Center, please contact Patricia Jessup by clicking here.