Bus Fundraiser

A Personal Note of Thanks

Marco Polo took the lead on selecting and purchasing our new 47-person bus for the Center. Here he expresses his personal thanks to everyone who made this purchase possible…

Bus Thanks LetterQuito , 26  Agosto 2013

Dear friends,

On behalf of everyone here at the Working Boys’ Center – A Family of Families in Quito I want to thank you for supporting our mission to purchase a new bus for the students and  the parents here at the both Centers. With your generous support we were able to purchase a brand new INTERNATIONAL (IBIMCO) bus.

This bus has enough room for 47 PERSONAS passengers and is much safer than the old bus we had been using  for so many years. Now our students, parents  and visitors to the Center will be able to ride around the city comfortably and safely.

God bless!

Marco Polo

The New Bus is Complete!

Our Center Family of Families is beyond excited about the donation of funds to purchase a new 47-person bus! Our families will ride the bus from one Center to the other during the day and our volunteers will also ride the bus to and from their classes. In addition, visiting groups may also have the opportunity to take a ride on the new bus while on short-term service trips. All-in-all the entire Center community is eager to take a ride on the new bus. Check out these great photos of the completed bus.

Bus New1








Bus New3








Bus New2