$100k Full Bowl Challenge

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Meet Gregorio Chisag and Martina Pilaguicin, parents of this needy family. Gregorio and Martina are members of the Working Boys’ Center along with their children: Evelyn (6th grade), Jairo (3rd grade), Shirley (kindergarten), and Jeremy (preschool). Gregorio is working to get his high school diploma through the Center’s education program. Martina is in adult education classes with our year long volunteer, Emily Futter. Martina sells bottled water on the streets everyday. Sometimes her two older kids help her on the weekends. This family relies heavily on the three daily meals provided to them Monday through Saturday at the Center.

Thanks to your gift to our $100,000 FULL BOWL Challenge, many other families like this one will go to bed with full stomachs, ready to bravely tackle the challenges God has placed before them.

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