Sidebar – Our Volunteers

Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the Center services and play a key role in assisting the Ecuadorian staff with services to families. Volunteers work in a variety of areas including the day care center, accredited school education program, vocational training, small business management, and home building.

Though most volunteers teach, no background in education is required. Volunteers with specific training in the trades or business may focus their volunteer experience in the businesses and trades run by the Center.

Learn more about the Working Boys’ Center – A Family of Families Volunteer Program.

A Life Changing Experience

“The Working Boys’ Center has taught me how to live without so much worry, how to truly love, and how to let God take charge of His plan for us. I will leave Quito with a new outlook on life, new goals, and new standards of what I want for the future.”

Audrey Raemisch
Volunteer 2008-2010