Sidebar – Our History


Carlos Gómez, Working Boys’ Center Graduate and now Director of the Working Boys’ Center

“I was shining shoes in Quito’s main plaza in 1964. A friend invited me to join the Working Boys’ Center and there I began primary school; I didn’t like studying, was rebellious, constantly escaped back to the plaza with my buddies. With a lot of patience and with a firm, but loving, hand Father John motivated me to want to become a new man.”

In 1980, after completing his grade and high school education, Carlos joined the team of directors of the Working Boys’ Center Movement. In 1990 he obtained a Kellogg International Leadership Fellowship as part of the first group in Latin America.
“Feeling affection is the basis for changing attitudes and taking charge of your own life; for me, this is what makes the Working Boys’ Center different. The love, the respect and the solidarity along with the discipline and the rules are values that are promoted here every day.”