Application Process

To apply to the Working Boys’ Center Volunteer Program, please follow the steps below.

1. Contact our US Representative at to discuss your reasons for wanting to volunteer, the volunteer requirements, and the application process.

2. E-mail a letter addressed to Madre Miguel Conway, BVM stating your volunteer qualifications, how you heard about the Center, and your reasons for wanting to serve.

3. Madre Miguel will reply to your letter by sending you detailed information on the volunteer experience along with a contract. A potential volunteer should read this carefully. If you wish to abide by all terms in the contract and think the Center is the right volunteer experience for you, sign the contract and return it to Madre Miguel with a second letter saying that you have decided to serve in Quito under the terms prescribed in the contract.

4. Upon receipt of your signed contract, Madre Miguel will send you more volunteer information and papers you will need to get your visa.

Please note that the application process is not complete until all four steps have been completed.

If you would like to talk to a former volunteer to ask questions or receive advice once you have been accepted into the program, please contact our US Representative at