The Working Boys’ Center – A Family of Families in Quito, Ecuador is a human development project founded in 1964 by Jesuit, Fr. John Halligan, fondly known as Padre. Today, the Center is run by a team of general directors that include Padre, Sr. Miguel (affectionately known as Madre), Carlos Gomez, Sister Cindy, Marco Polo, Dr. Giuliana Hidalgo, and Susi Yepez. The Center operates three sites in Quito serving over 2,000 people each day.

Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the Center’s services and play a key role in assisting the Ecuadorian staff with services to families. Volunteers work in a variety of areas including the day care center, accredited school education program, vocational training, small business management, and home building. Though most volunteers teach, no background in education is required. Volunteers with specific training in the trades or business may focus their volunteer experience in the businesses and trades run by the Center.

Most volunteer experiences are for one to two years and begin in August of every year. Volunteers typically work at each of the Center sites in Quito.

Our volunteer community is made up of individuals who are, at minimum, college graduates. Our housing facility and volunteer opportunities do not afford us the option of accepting families with children or teens as volunteers.