About Us

We are the Working Boys’ Center – A Family of Families, a Catholic institution, committed to working boys and their families, founded with the objective of creating, developing and strengthening moral values by means of changes in attitudes and behavior, helped by programs of formation and social assistance. This process of change stresses ten important areas of life: loyalty, personal formation, family, religion, education, economy, work, recreation, health and housing.

Our goal is that the families of the working boys will be united in their Christian commitment, be financially independent, have access to education, health and quality basic services; become agents of change, oriented to the construction of a just society that promotes equal participation and respect for fundamental rights.

NOTE: Since this video was produced in early 2012, based on a historical average of 350 families, the cost to provide our exhaustive programs has increased to over $4/day/person.

Financial support and outreach activities in the U.S. are handled by the stateside nonprofit, Center for Working Families (C4WF) in Brookfield, WI. Formerly known as Family Unity International in Elm Grove, WI.